Part 2 - My Story


   The following is my personal story in brief as it relates to Islam. I am a 40 year old Canadian-born male. I was raised in a relatively average-sized middle class family in the suburbs. I am most grateful to my parents for the genuine care they were able to give me, and for not forcing any beliefs on me. In retrospect, the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s were very interesting times for me personally. During my childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood, I was able to experience and observe a great deal. Later in life I traveled fairly broadly both domestically and internationally, and when the bulk of my travels were over, I completed my chosen profession and am now self-employed.

   I was not born into Islam. I converted to Islam – twice. The first time in my early-twenties, the second time in my mid-thirties. On both occasions I stayed in the religion for approximately two years. The main reason that I “returned to Islam” a second time was that “its fear” was so deeply implanted in my mind and I had not fully faced and broken free from it. My time spent in Islam and my many experiences during these four years were truly informative and profoundly disturbing on the whole. I personally believe that one cannot fully comprehend what Islam entails unless they have lived the life of a Muslim – which I have. I converted to Islam the first time while living in Canada. I converted to Islam the second time while traveling in an Islamic country.

   The first time I “turned to Islam,” I was considering many things in life that were fairly new to me – politics, religion, art, to name just a few. In general, I was curious and wanted answers to my many questions. I wanted to find things out for myself. I had a passionate desire to discover the meaning of life, as it were. At this time, I “discovered Islam” and “Muhammad’s Qur'an.” These were the days when Islam was not as well-known in the West as it is today. Looking back it is embarrassing to see how much of an impact its “threats and promised rewards” had on me. The following is also embarrassing to admit: although I never “acted out,” I also had the experience of being radicalized for a short time by Islam’s texts and traditions, as so many young men do.

   With this being said, I believe that I can genuinely claim to have considerable insight into Islam and the various effects Islam has on people. Any experienced, informed person knows for certain how dangerous Islam’s texts and teachings can be when Muslims are confronted with corruption and life’s complexities. Merely as a point of fact, it is interesting to note that though most Muslims are not terrorists, most terrorists are Muslims. Jihad, the Islamic concept, is responsible for almost all of the terrorist attacks in the modern world. Why? These religious fanatics conducting Jihadist warfare are merely obeying Islam’s texts and following the example set by Muhammad, period. Muhammad was a man of war who often spread his religion through warfare. Muhammad himself was a participant in 78 battles, 77 of which were offensive, not defensive. The early Islamic sources themselves tell the true story of Muhammad and his Islam. The idea that “Islam is the religion of peace” is transparently absurd. No other major religion incites its adherents to commit acts of violence to the extent that Islam incites Muslims. Attempting to deny these facts would be grossly disingenuous. The Jihad Doctrine and Islamic Supremacism now poses a serious threat to all peoples and nations. I will be addressing these subjects further in Parts 3 and 4.

   Getting back to my story… over time and with much practice, study, and consideration of Islam, it became apparent to me that the fundamental claims of this religion were false. In retrospect, I behaved very foolishly attempting to practice and promote this religion. My “embracing of Islam” was simply a matter of being under-informed and self-dishonest. Ibn Warraq’s book, Why I am not a Muslim, and the books of other great writers which critique Islam objectively helped me further understand that Islam is not what it claims to be. After much diligent study and experience, I have reached the conclusion that Islam can not be reformed, and should therefore be discredited and abandoned. Many good and well-meaning people are duped by this fraudulent religion. It is my contention that honest people leave Islam once they become fully informed – I personally cannot comprehend how any person, in good conscious, could remain an adherent of this religion.

   My Muslim “friends” turned their backs on me when I left Islam. So be it. Turned out not to be my friends at all. Due to Islam’s ridiculous black and white, us versus them world view, it would obviously be unwise to trust these people, so I completely severed all ties with them. Though I still have to look over my shoulder on occasion and prefer to avoid those Muslims that I once knew personally, living in Canada I have it easy in comparison to those individuals who renounce Islam in Muslim-majority countries. To say the least, I am now very happy with my life and my decision to have walked away from Islam entirely. Having known many inherently decent “Muslim people,” it has been truly sad to have personally watched Islam twist so many minds, hearts, and families.

   I do not credit Islam for the good character of people who happen to be Muslim. I think that they have become good people in spite of Islam. Those who have lived in the Muslim community and been able to retain their honesty and rationality know that Islam has done far more harm than it has good. Islam should not be judged by those Muslims who happen to be “well-functioning;” one needs to study the reality of Islam in far more depth to understand it. This point and its implications cannot be over-emphasized.

   Many people convert to Islam because they sincerely want to do the greatest amount of good possible in the world, and they think that in Islam, “they have found their horse,” as the saying goes. This was one of the main reasons that I became a Muslim. The “honeymoon phase of the romance with Islam” soon fades though, as one grapples with their self-honesty and learns the implications of Islamic ideology. “In Islam,” MUSLIM MALES are the privileged few – ALL others must be below them – both in terms of legal and social status. The fact is – Islamic theology and civilization are incompatible with Western notions of equality of rights for all people. Freedom of speech and freedom of conscience are also SEVERELY lacking in Islam. Due to Islamic theology, it is virtually impossible for Muslims to live in peace, as equals, on an indefinite basis, with non-Muslims.

   The above statements are not merely matters of opinion and theory – they are indisputable facts. Please do not forget the fact that the penalty for those Muslims who simply choose to leave Islam is death, and that the Qur'an advocates killing non-believers. Keep in mind that Islam is not a race of people – Islam is just another religion – so know that Islamic apologists who attempt to play the race card against those who criticize Islam play a bogus red herring. I hope that you will take the time to study these matters for yourself if you care about the future of our country and its children. There are now an estimated 900,000 people in Canada claiming Islam as their religion (approximately 2.5 percent of the population). We need to make ourselves aware of the implications this has for our society.

   When the Muslim population in any given host country reaches 10 percent, without exception serious problems manifest. What is happening now in many European countries including France, England, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark and others is cause for grave concern. The term Eurabia is now being used to describe the phenomenon due to Islamic historian Bat Ye’or’s eye-opening scholarship. The author of Infidel and The Caged Virgin, former Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali, also effectively addresses these matters in her many great works. European politician and freedom of speech advocate Geert Wilders’ controversial short film Fitna is another important work that gives much insight into the reality of the serious problems being created by Islam in modern Europe.   

   This entire religion is based on the word of one man. MOHAMMED. Islam is Muhammad’s “religion.” Islam is Muhammadanism. In order to gain the followers needed to fulfill his PATHOLOGICAL, NARCISSISTIC DESIRES, Muhammad merely added some of the respectable traditions he borrowed from the various faiths that he had encountered to his powerful poetry and created Islam. Islam is grounded in fear and has prevented critical analysis of its doctrine by killing those who dare to refute its claims – this is how the religion has been able to survive and grow so large over time.

   Like a true dictator, Muhammad demanded total obedience and unquestioning devotion. Islam is in fact FAR MORE than merely a religion. Islam is a complete societal system encompassing all aspects of the public and private lives of its adherents. Islam is not just a religion: It is a political doctrine that imposes itself by force. Muhammad’s Islam is a totalitarian ideology by definition. Such was the nature of Muhammad’s illness. Ex-Muslim Dr. Ali Sina, a Canadian of Iranian descent and director of, documents the full breadth of Muhammad’s illness in his MUST-READ landmark book – Understanding Muhammad: A Psychobiography. Here is a link to a review of Dr. Sina's book. And Robert Spencer, director of, thoroughly documents the life and influence of Muhammad in his meticulously factual book – The Truth about Muhammad: Founder of the World's Most Intolerant Religion. In truth, Muhammad was nothing more than a deeply disturbed, deceitful charlatan.

   My fellow Canadians, please study and consider Islam thoroughly if you disagree with my claims and care about these issues. Muslims need to be shocked with the truth in order to shed their fear of pathetic little Muhammad and his disgusting cult of Islam. Political correctness needs to be thrown out the window in these matters. Attacking Islam does not create more terrorists, though it may prevent decent Muslims from doing something stupid for it makes them question Islam, and think about their own lives, and goodness. Islam thrives on, and can only survive on ignorance, fear, and lies. Of course there are moderate Muslims, but there is no moderate Islam. By claiming the Islamic religion to be legitimate, “the moderates” unwittingly lend support and approval to “the fundamentalists.” This, in my opinion, is an enormous tragedy, for it ensures the continuation of this illegitimate religion. Here is a link to a video that proves that Islam is indeed a cult.

   Islamic authenticity is an oxymoron. Muhammad’s foremost accomplishments in life were “delivering the Qur'an to mankind,” LOL, and becoming the despotic war lord of Arabia. Muhammad’s actions and advice to mankind have been carefully recorded by his loyal followers. These are the essential facts and the starting point from which one must begin to enquire into Islam. Islam’s own texts state that Muhammad was a mass murderer, a paedophile, a thief, and a slave trader. Muhammad claimed that all of these deeds were approved of by God. Again, these are indisputable facts that I will prove in Part 3 of this site with quotes from Islamic texts and analysis of Islamic theology. As we shall see, it is not possible for any person of sound heart and mind to believe that Muhammad was the messenger of God whose example is to be followed. It is not possible, that if there actually is a God of some sort, that this God is Muhammad’s Allah, and that this God would want human beings to enforce this fundamentally unjust religion.

   In its fourteen hundred year old history, Islam has been directly responsible for the violent deaths of hundreds of millions of people (many of them Muslims), and has literally and figuratively enslaved hundreds of millions more. Guided by Muhammad’s perverse creed, Muslims have for centuries enforced its violent mandates. Islam’s own texts mandate that it is the obligation of Muslims to subjugate all non-Muslim peoples and all non-Islamic lands under Islamic rule, and that this goal must be accomplished through force if other prescribed means fail. Islam has proven to be an utter failure since its inception. For example, three of Islam’s first four caliphs were assassinated by their fellow Muslims. Despite his reputation as the “Kind Trusty One,” Muhammad was in fact a deeply disturbed criminal who suffered from severe mental illness and betrayed his followers leaving them an untenable mess.

   Through the forced conversion of innumerable lands and peoples, Islam has destroyed and assimilated many dynamic cultures and then attempted to take credit for their achievements. For one to be learned in Islamic theology and Islamic history and to still have respect for Islam and its prophet Muhammad, one must become a liar themselves. Of course Muslims will deny all of these indisputable facts, BECAUSE, IF YOU DON’T ALREADY KNOW:

     Muslims are never, ever wrong! LOL. Muslims will always blame the other party for all of their ills!! Muslims will rarely if ever admit that any Muslim in all of history has ever made a mistake!!! Muslims can never acknowledge that it is Islam that is the root cause of their problems. Muslims must always play the victim. Following the advice of their prophet Muhammad the perfect man, Muslims typically cheat their way through life looking for a short cut to Muhammad’s paradise to enjoy its promised goodies. Muslims also subscribe to the most ludicrous of conspiratorial fantasies and cling to them like grim death. Muslims are even allowed to lie and deceive people – lying to further Islam’s goals (Taqiyya: religious deception) is approved of by Muhammad. After all, Muslims are God’s favourite creatures who deserve and demand special privileges! In fact, they demand the whole of the earth – including Canada – which they must consider non-Islamic, Infidel, Kaffir Lands! And don’t you dare breathe an ill whisper of their saintly prophet! Or you will face the full wrath and intimidation of these Righteous Bullies!! Don’t you dare mess with Allah’s warriors!!!......yyyyeah.  How pathetic. What uncivilized “men.” It is truly bizarre what Muhammad and his Islam have done to people. The displacement of responsibility among Muslims has reached astounding heights of absurdity. This madness must come to an end.

   The real Islam, with its doctrine of Islamic Supremacy. With its open-ended mandate to make war against and subjugate unbelievers. The mainstream Islam, whose tenets advocate violence against non-Muslims to further its goals – not the wishful thinking fantasy feel-good Islam built on lies – is a treacherous wolf in sheep’s clothing. Ultimately, as Islamic history and Islamic theological analysis show us, Islam and its barbaric view of life is simply not fit for human beings. I actively encourage Muslims to leave the hateful, sick fold of Islam – to walk away and cut ties with this cult of doom – to free themselves from having to live a lie – Muhammad’s cruel lie. As a decent human being of integrity, I feel it is my responsibility to make the effort. Not to do so would be shameful. Fortunately, the long suppressed facts of the cult of Muhammad and its horrendous ideology are finally becoming widely known. In Parts 3 and 4 of this web site, I will prove that Islam is a fraud.  

    Another dark secret about Islam that Muslim's prefer to deny is the fact that they are lying to themselves when they perform Salat (the Islamic prayer preformed 5 times a day). I have performed Salat innumerable times in mosques throughout the world as well as in private. Looking back my self-dishonestly was ridiculous. This ritual like many other Islamic rituals are an insincere joke. This is just another way that sick little Muhammad kept Muslims docile while he selfishly went about getting what he wanted. Muslims are also commonly thrown into a state of conflict when they think bad things about Allah and Muhammad. Ironically, this is needed medicine for it helps break the hold this cult has over them.         

   There is much more I could relate of my personal story and experience as it relates to Islam, but I have decided that the above is sufficient. This is not a lengthy site in general. There are many other excellent resources available for study of these matters. I will not state which province I reside in or whether I am a black, white, brown, yellow, or red man. I’ll let the small minds of the deluded Islamists speculate. LOL. Educated Muslims are now leaving Islam in droves. To be honest, who in their right mind would choose to raise their kids in Islam? The process of indoctrinating children with Islam is deplorable. We Canadians must defend ourselves against the menace that is Islam.

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